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Leadership Markers to High-Performance Teams

The Leader's Blueprint for how to consistently transform a struggling team to a high performing, results focused powerhouse.

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What You Can Expect

Dive deep into the intricacies of team dynamics with Compass Points.

This comprehensive course begins by shedding light on the vital stages of team development: from formation to adjournment, discover why teams thrive or dive. Navigate the nuances of crafting, leading, and optimizing high-performance teams, arming yourself with the tools needed to not just recruit the right talent, but relate, resource, and retain them effectively.

Whether you’re a leader looking to enhance your managerial skills and improve how you inspire your people, or an aspiring team player wanting to understand the mechanics of effective teams, Compass Points illuminates the path. With modules dedicated to decision-making, measuring results, and understanding the significance of team engagement and empowerment in today's market landscape, you'll emerge with a holistic understanding of what drives teams towards success.

Course Highlights

  • On-demand Streaming: Watch all lessons on-demand, as often as you like for six months.

  • Workbooks & Resources: Download a digital workbook & access resources for each lesson.

  • Take Notes & More: Notes & more LeaderPass featues in your personal account.


Course Modules

  • Your Role as a Manager & Leader: True leadership is a balancing act. Discover the key to staying steady on that tightrope by effectively managing both processes and technology in equal measure, while leading people to perform at their best.

  • Identifying the Needs: Discover Alicia's essential strategies for effectively recruiting, relating to, and retaining new members of your team.

  • Hiring for the Future: As you navigate the rapidly changing landscape of the modern business world, it's essential that you hire with your future business needs in mind. Learn how you can use smart hiring processes to foster a healthy future for your team.

  • Sharing Yourself: Follow along as Alicia demonstrates how fostering meaningful relationships with team members through vulnerability and openness can create an atmosphere of authenticity in your work environment.

  • Empower Your Team: Empowering your team members not only boosts morale but enhances your levels of engagement, retention, and productivity. In this lesson, discover how to define roles, set expectations, provide resources, and give space to allow team members to excel.

  • Guide from the Side: Learn the art of effective leadership by embracing the role of a guide rather than a micromanager. By valuing team members' knowledge and experiences, this approach enhances engagement, fosters a positive working relationship, and creates a work environment where individuals feel valued and motivated.

  • Prepare & Practice: Unleash your conversational prowess with Alicia’s sage advice on tackling tough discussions. With readiness in your corner, the only leap left is the one into your conversation.

  • Delegate with Intention & Effectiveness: Hear from Alicia as she unveils the strategic approach to delegation. Learn the art of articulating expectations, maintaining open communication, and regularly checking in to guide your team members towards your collective goals.

  • Measuring Results: Learn how to effectively utilize data analysis to improve team performance. In this lesson, Alicia emphasizes the importance of sharing your analyzed data with your team to facilitate an environment of understanding and collaboration.

  • Share, Learn, Celebrate: The power of focused data analysis lies in prioritizing precision over quantity—emphasizing the significance of measuring what truly matters. Discover how strategic data analysis can steer your team towards greater achievements and a culture of continuous improvement.

"Alicia is a true professional — impactful, engaging, and just an overall great experience."

- Melisa, Learning & Development Leader

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Now is The Time to Increase The Performance And Efficiency of Your Team!

Invest in Compass Points: Leadership Markers to High-Performance Teams today!

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