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New Perspective for Engagement and Inclusion

Understand the significance of individuals and personal values, prompting introspection and a broader perspective on the roles we play within our organizations and communities.

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What You Will Learn

This course begins by exploring the multifaceted cases for diversity and humanity, understanding their impact not just on a societal level but also within the realm of business and organizations.


The course culminates in emphasizing the essence of expanding the table, urging participants to be intentional about valuing others. Whether you're a leader, team member, or a community participant, the modules equip you with actionable strategies to foster inclusivity, mentorship, and allyship. The course concludes with a deep dive into personal growth, guiding learners on how to unlock their potential, seek feedback, and journey towards a more inclusive and understanding self.

Course Highlights

  • On-demand Streaming: Watch all lessons on-demand, as often as you like for six months.

  • Workbooks & Resources: Download a digital workbook & access resources for each lesson.

  • Take Notes & More: Notes & more LeaderPass featues in your personal account.

Course Features

  • Introduction to Diversity: Learn the broad concept of diversity, including factors such as race, gender, religion, language, socioeconomic status, and disability, and its importance in fostering innovation within organizations.

  • The Essence of Individual Value and Respect: Explore the inherent value of each individual and the importance of respect and esteem for everyone, regardless of their background.

  • Business Case for Inclusion: Develop an understanding of how diversity enhances financial performance and innovation, and the importance of reflecting customer diversity within teams.

  • Leadership and Valuing Others: Learn from Alicia how to effectively highlight the role of leaders in valuing the unique experiences of every team member and creating an environment that supports and welcomes all, using personal leadership anecdotes.

  • Equity vs. Equality: Untangle the lines between equity and equality, understanding how to provide support tailored to individual needs for success.

  • Inclusion, Belonging, and Addressing Stereotypes: Learn the concepts of inclusion and belonging, and strategies to avoid stereotyping and bias.

  • Intersectionality: Explore the complexities of identity through intersectionality and understanding the dynamics of factors like privilege and power.

  • The Power of Community: Understand what allyship is and its importance in supporting underrepresented groups and the impact of mentorship and sponsorship.

  • Practical Steps for Valuing Every Person: Learn practical strategies for acknowledging and addressing personal biases and blind spots.

  • Personal Growth and Professional Benefits: Hear from Alicia as she reflects on the personal and professional benefits of actively engaging in efforts to improve the experience of all people in our communities and workplaces.

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"If your agency has any want for a better future, what you need to do is connect with Alicia. You need her expertise with your people. You need her expertise in your business. It's just been an incredible experience I have to say."

- Pat, Executive Director

(Non-Profit Organization)

Is it Time to Value Every Person on Your Team?

Value Every Person serves as a comprehensive guide, clarifying key terms such as inclusion, belonging, stereotypes, and bias. As we navigate the complexities of our diverse world, you will appreciate the emphasis on understanding and valuing the differences and similarities among us, highlighting the multifaceted nature of intersectionality.

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