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North Compass Solutions, LLC, Unveils New Resources, Including an Evidence-Based Playbook and On-Demand Course for Leadership Development

Leaders and teams everywhere can deepen their leadership skills with "The Powerhouse Team Playbook" and on-demand leadership development course: "Compass Points: Leadership Markers to High-Performance Teams"

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North Compass Solutions, LLC, has announced the debut of ”The Powerhouse Team Playbook: How to Build a High-Performing, Results-Driven Team” and a new on-demand leadership development course, “Compass Points: Leadership Markers to High-Performance Teams”.

Turner’s depth of expertise is unparalleled, offering a rich tapestry woven over decades of perfecting best practices. According to Turner, the methods she uses today to develop and guide her clients have been learned through her own trials and triumphs in working with a long list of teams and organizations over the years. Turner has a unique perspective on the power of leadership and team development, and the strategies she implements for clients are both evidence-based and customized to their organization’s needs. The value of a powerful leader cannot be overstated, and by providing action-focused training, coaching, consulting, and speaking engagements, Turner and her team provide results-driven strategies to help leaders and teams overcome obstacles and experience unparalleled transformation and growth.


Leadership is crucial to the success of any organization, yet more than 77% of organizations report that leadership is lacking. Leaders are feeling more burned out than ever, with 72% reporting they feel “used up at the end of the day”. In an effort to provide accessible resources for every leader who is striving to strengthen their results and effectiveness, Turner has created two new resources based on her wealth of experience.

Book cover of The Powerhouse Team Playbook
The Powerhouse Team Playbook

The first of these new resources is a book entitled “The Powerhouse Team Playbook: How to Build a High-Performing, Results-Driven Team”, which offers a blueprint for creating and leading a successful team. ‘The Powerhouse Team Playbook’ will make its official debut on Amazon on May 23, 2024.

The second of these resources is a new course developed by Turner.

Compass Points: Leadership Markers to High-Performance Teams” is now available on-demand via the digital training platform, LeaderPass, and provides valuable insight designed to spark leadership development through convenient streaming, enriching workbooks, and more for an immersive, self-paced learning experience.

“I took the lessons learned from years of working with teams and corporations and have distilled them down to the book and course,” said Turner. Learn more about each of these resources by visiting


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North Compass Solutions, LLC, is a leadership and team development firm specializing in empowering leaders to overcome process and people challenges by leveraging real-world experience and practical insights to align teams and processes, enabling organizations to execute with excellence.

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